Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The GatheringOriginally introduced in 1993, Magic: The Gathering was the first even Trading Card Game.  When playing Magic, you play as a Planeswalker with the goal of defeating your opponent using a deck of spell cards.  You can cast spells and summon powerful creatures that assist you in dispatching your opponent.  You can also summon other Planeswalkers to assist you in dispatching your opponent(s).

Bodach’s Games hosts Magic: The Gathering on two different nights, as well as open play any day that you and your friends want to show up and play.  We also carry singles (individual cards), as well as booster packs, booster boxes, theme decks, special event decks, supplies and more.

Join us on Tuesday Nights for Commander Night.  Starting at 7pm (you may arrive as early as you would like), we still put together Commander Pods.  For a $5 entry fee, compete with up to 3 other plays in an attempt to win store credit.  In the Commander pods, You start with $3.00 in store credit, and each opponent that you knock out earns you $3.00 in store credit!  In a 4 player pod you can earn up to $12 in credit if you knock the other three players out!
For more information on Commander, click here.

Friday Nights we will host both Standard and Booster Draft Friday Night Magic tournaments.

In Standard, you face off against opponents with your most lethal standard deck and claim the champion prize for the night!

In Booster Draft you build a brand new deck by choosing the best cards from 3 different boosters as they are passed around the table, and then face off against other people that were picking cards from the same packs!  Your deck is literally different every time you play!

So, come on in and join us in the Magic: The Gathering fun!  It will be good times for everyone!