Commander League

!Commander League Rules!

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*Note: League Nights are open to everyone, you do not need to be part of the league to come play!*

Organized Play Details:

  • When:  League Night is every Tuesday night, starting at 7pm:  League games may be played throughout the week in games that contain at least one other league member.
  • League Fees: $5 per week, includes entry into one booster pod.
  • Prizes:  Along with the entry into the booster pod, $2 per league payment will go towards end month prizes.  The league will reset each month with the top winner from the previous month being recognized.
    End of month prizes are to be determined before the start of the new month, but will usually include store credit or special prizes for the month.

League Rules:

League of Legendaries will follow all basic rules as laid out at with the following exceptions:

  • No Stone is in effect in league sanctioned games unless agreed upon by all the players of any given game.  This must be a unanimous decision by all players, and we will not allow players to be pressured into disregarding the no stone for a particular game.

No Unsportsmanlike Conduct: This includes yelling, screaming, or whining when things are going your way.  Magic is a game, and as such there will be those that lose, those that win, and those that are incredibly misfortunate.  Please do not ruin others fun when you are having a rough night.

League Points:

  • Game Points: You earn 1 point for every person eliminated before you in an official league game. (League games are only official if there are at least 2 league members in the game.) Thus, if you win a 1v1 game, you earn 1 point, two points if you win a 3-player game, etc.
  • 1 vs. 1: You can only play official league sanctioned 1 vs 1 games twice per opponent per week.  This is done so that two people don’t abuse the system and play EDH all day in the shop just to take an enormous point lead.
  • Achievements: You earn extra points for completing monthly and per game “Achievement” objectives.  These are full points that go toward your tally for end of month and end of league prizes.  You are responsible for tracking your achievements and having them verified by an opponent of the game in which you earn them.
  • Current Standings: Current league standings will be posted out in the open each week for other players to see.

Official League Games:

  • Regular League Games: Official games can be played any time during the week during business hours, on-site at Bodach’s Games, in games which contain at least two league members.

No-Stone: A collection of house rules to thwart unfair decks:

  • Players can’t take more than 3 consecutive turns.
  • Players can’t activate a single activated ability more than 10 times in a single turn.
  • Player can’t cast more than 10 spells per turn.
  • Players can’t draw more than 20 cards per turn cycle.

Deck Construction and Commander:

  • Decklist: So long as your deck is legal within the League Rules, you can choose to switch decks or commanders as you wish, as many times as you wish.
  • Legal Cards:  Any card printed by Wizards of the Coast is allowed, this includes collector’s edition cards and gold bordered Pro Tour deck cards that aren’t normally tournament legal.  If using these cards, you must use opaque sleeves so that the cards do not appear marked.
  • Proxy Cards:  Magic cards are expensive, and we understand that players want to have multiple decks that use a certain card without having to purchase multiple copies of that expensive card.  We also understand that some cards are just so valuable that you don’t want to use them in EDH.  Bodach’s Games allows for the use of Proxy cards in all sanctioned league games, so long as you own and can produce a real copy of the card you are proxying.

Booster Pods:

Booster Pods are small 4-man tournaments that start each player in the pod with one booster pack.  To keep your booster pack, you must survive!  Whenever you eliminate a player, you get to take their starting booster packs.

Specific Rules:

  • You may only claim the starting booster pack from a defeated opponent; any packs that they have taken from other players throughout the game are theirs to keep.
  • You must deliver the eliminating blow to your opponent, even if you got him down to one life and the next player finishes him, he wins the booster pack.
  • If you choose to concede from a match, you forfeit your booster to the last man standing in the pod.  Please try to only concede from a booster pod if it’s a real life emergency.